At Gentry Salon, we require all of our artists to be certified. To become a Natural Beaded Row™ (NBR) extension artist, you are required to have extensive education and training in both technical and creative aspects of hair extensions. Certification requirements include completing a rigorous education program, which also includes hands-on training. Earning a certification as an NBR™ extension artist is equivalent to earning a college degree, whereas becoming a licensed NBR™ extension artist is equivalent to earning your masters degree. The extensive education and training required to become a certified NBR™ extension artist ensures that clients receive high-quality, professional services that meet and exceed their expectations. NBR™ artists are held to a higher standard due to the extensive education, and superior quality within the industry.

Bree Gentry


Salon Owner | Licensed NBR™ Extension Artist

Liliana lopez


Certified NBR™ Extension Artist

Chloe Waldner


Certified NBR™ Extension Artist

Gionna Seibert


Certified NBR™ Extension Artist

Ava Torrence


Certified NBR™ Extension Artist

Rachel Martini


Certified NBR™ Extension Artist