Natural beaded rows (NBR)™

What is the nbr™ extension method?

Natural Beaded Rows™ hand-tied hair extension method was founded by hair artist Danielle K. White. After years of working with previous methods, she created the NBR™ method making it possible to be used for just about any hair type. With this luxury extension method we use small aluminum beads and string to create a healthy foundation to attach the wefts to. Once the foundation is created, multiple wefts of hair is sewn to the string to create fullness, volume and length. This method is the healthiest of all methods because of the minimal points of contact to the natural hair. With precise placement and consideration of head shape, the NBR™ method prevents stress to the natural hair since it uses significantly less points of contact than any other method. The integrity of your natural hair is not compromised, the result is amazing, and you’ll feel very comfortable and confident. Welcome to the #GOODHAIRCLUB.

THE NBR™ method is the safest method for all hair types because of minimal points of contact to the natural hair.


When wearing NBR™, a maintenance appointment is scheduled every six to eight weeks to ensure the safety and comfort of each client. At the appointment, the maintenance includes removal and re-installation of the NBR™ hair extensions, mirroring the very first installation. There are no shortcuts with NBR™ – our process is thorough and detailed because we give each client top-tier service every time.


With NBR™ hair extensions you can easily style your hair up! You’ll love how you feel when wearing NBR hair extensions. The light-weight, comfortable, and natural look gives you the freedom to have that effortless beauty. 


1. consultation

Please review all salon policies before booking consultation.

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your hair history, hair extension experience, and realistic expectations. We will go over financial obligations, the length of the appointment, and maintenance costs. If we feel we have a good connection, you will be sent an extension contract and asked to place a 50% retainer fee to secure your appointment. This amount will be applied to your services the day of your appointment. Not only will we create our plan for our first appointment, but also a long term hair maintenance schedule to ensure your goals are met and your hair is always looking its best.

2. bead application

During your appointment, the foundation of NBR™ is created using an aluminum bead and string. This method is what makes NBR™ the most comfortable and safest, using minimal points of contact throughout each row.

3. hair extensions

Once the foundation is secured, the ISLA™ hand-tied hair weft is sewn onto the string in between each bead. Because ISLA™ hair has such a low profile, the wefts lay closely to the scalp comfortably, making it easy to style your hair up or down.

4. feel confident

The NBR™ method produces seamless and stunning results. You will feel confident and love the natural-looking outcome. Elevating your style with this luxury extension method creates a feeling of effortless beauty. 


How long do extensions lasts?

The hair used at Gentry Salon is the best possible luxury brand hair on the market. These extensions can last from 6-12 months depending on the care, heat, and number of washes. We are firm believers in getting the most out of your investment so with proper care our clients typically get 9-12 months use before having to buy new hair.

Where is the hair placed?

This all depends on the guest’s hairline, head shape, and density. Each guest receives a slightly different placement, as well as their desired result specified before placement. The perfect placement will hide the rows and create maximum coverage for the guest.

Can you wash, brush, and blowdry your hair?

Yes! This is another pro vs. tape-ins. Tape-ins sometimes get loose if you brush them while wet so you want to make sure they are always dried after washing. With this method you can let your hair air-dry or blow-dry, then style and brush away! These will not pull loose as long as you are using a flexible bristle brush (think wet brush).

How much maintenance is there?

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. Maintenance appointments are required! Caring for your hair is extremely important in maintaining the integrity of the hair and protecting your overall investment!

How many wefts do I need?

It depends on the look, length, and volume you are going for. You can get a single row, double row, or triple row depending on your needs. We also offer a mini row which is designed to connect short layers without getting another full row. What you need to achieve the look you’re after will be discussed in your complimentary consultation.

How do I know if NBR™ is right for me?

NBR™ is the safest extension method in the beauty industry. This method can be done on just about any hair type that is naturally 4” or longer. Based upon the desired look, our team will decide if NBR would be realistic in the phase of growth the natural hair is in. The photos submitted at the time of the application process will help us to decide the necessary steps to move forward.

Our Pricing

Please note

Our Gentry Salon team is exclusively trained, educated, and certified. Our prices reflect our investment into our education and the high quality product of luxury hair we use. We do not train, certify, or promote other stylists outside of our salon walls in these methods.


18 inch

One row

$1400 – $2000

two rows

$2000 – $3000

three rows

$3000 – $4000

22 inch

One row

$2200 – $3000


$3000 – $4500


$4500 – $6000

24 inch


Prices will vary based upon artists recommendation during consultation



One row


two rows


two & A Half Rows


THREE rows


good hair club blowout

$65 – $85

weft replacement

$195 – $305