Hilary Haron

Post Partum Hair Loss

Hear Hilary’s testimonial on post partum hair loss, and how NBR™ has helped her with her recovery, giving her the look she’s desired while helping her feel beautiful and confident.

Alicia S.


“They say that how an individual diagnosed with Cancer responds mentally and physically to their diagnosis is a part of how they are able to walk out on the other side Cancer free. I am beyond thankful for the choices that I made then as I know they’re a reason why I am here today.

I have distinct days of light that are forever ingrained in my memory from pre diagnosis to my current status of being in remission, and I’m so thankful. I have a photo of my children and I at dinner for my daughter’s 13th birthday where I can see myself going into my treatment with a certain light. My children are beautiful, you can see that we have each other as we were ready for the upcoming fight. During treatment I can recall looking to that picture with so much hope, knowing the smiles on our faces, and my reflection in the mirror would soon be back to normal, and I would be healthy once more. During my treatment I didn’t wear a wig.

I just couldn’t do it, and I had a great one too. I wore the wig three times: the day my hair was shaved off (ugh, it was a matted mess), first day on campus with my high school students (I mean I couldn’t scare them), and at Prom to supervise my students (I couldn’t get all dolled up in a fancy dress with my head scarf for some reason). The wig was itchy, and I was not me in it. It wasn’t until my hair started grow back GI Jane style to which I started to feel like myself again. It’s crazy, never did I feel like I was a woman who worried about physical appearances until I had lost all of my eyebrows, eyelashes and long, beautiful hair. It hits differently then.

Learning I was in remission was another day of distinct light in my life. My ability to share with all those I love were moments of pure joy that brought me back to life with each day. There were days that I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but others where I chose to live and be ME. One of those days is when I decided to contact Bree about possibly getting NBR™ extensions for my short and curly hair (yep, my hair grew back curly from Chemo treatment). I met Bree for the first time, and was so excited that I just might be setting an appointment a couple of weeks from that consultation to have long hair again. Bree was honest with me, and shared that my hair wasn’t long enough yet for the desired end result I was seeking. I left that day defeated, but hopeful that my day would soon come where I could feel pretty again.

Months went by and my hair had finally grown to a length that I was ready for my NBR™ extension appointment. I was beyond excited. I can recall looking at my reflection in the mirror saying to myself, this girl you hardly recognize will be different by the end of the day. And boy, was she! I looked in the mirror throughout the process seeing the light, the color, my sparkle come back to life. When Bree took a photo upon the completion of the extension process, I couldn’t believe it. I cried, she cried. I was back! I remember my daughter seeing me for the first time with my NBR™ extensions and tears came to her eyes, and the hugs from my children were extra tight that night.

This Christmas Eve as my cousin captured a picture of my children and I; that same light is back upon all of our faces. I’m now without NBR™ extensions as they helped me get to a length for my own hair that I wanted to be which was pretreatment length…it didn’t seem possible, and I’m so thankful it is.

I’m beyond grateful for everyone that has had a part in my journey. I would not be here without all of them, and I’m incredibly lucky to have them. Thank you Bree, and your incredible staff at Gentry Salon for being a part of my story. You are beautiful.” – Alicia S.

Erin Pulkownik

Cancer Survivor

In July of 2020, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin lymphoma. My treatment plan was 12 rounds of chemo. The words you never want to hear, “you have cancer.” Of course, one of the first thoughts and questions is, “Will I lose my hair?” With my treatment, that was a definite yes. I am happy to say I am cancer-free! Once my hair started to grow back, I started wearing wigs to feel more like myself. Spoiler alert: wigs are not the most comfortable thing! My girlfriend has been going to Bree for years and thought this may be the solution to my wig problems. After a year and a half of growing my hair out, I reached out to Bree, and it’s the best thing I’ve done! With her specialized NBR hand-tied extensions and my very short and fine hair, it was all able to blend and look completely natural. Thanks to Bree and her amazing team, I was able to get my confidence back.