About our hand-tied hair extensions

ISLA™ Hand-Tied hair is a weft-type of Remy hair used in the NBR™ method. “Remy” means all hair is facing the same direction, helping prevent matting and tangling, as each strand remains flowing in the same direction. The Remy hair line is known for it’s high-quality, with the life-span of the hair lasting significantly longer than other brands. This hair line is most sought-after by industry professionals and sold exclusively to NBR™ certified artists.

100% human hair

Many hair brands claim to include only human hair, but they end up adding synthetic hair and silicone coating, which makes the hair appear silky and thick, but in reality is compromised by heat and chemicals making it wear down faster. ISLA® only uses Remy 100% human hair, which lasts much longer, and is the highest quality.

Only sold to nbr™ certified artists

ISLA® Hair is only sold to artists who are NBR™ Certified. To preserve the integrity and quality of the hair extensions, only those who have undergone the proper training to correctly apply the wefts using the NBR™ Method can purchase and use these hair extensions.

Most natural and seamless results

Hand-tied extensions cover more surface area on your head, which results is a natural and seamless look. When we professionally apply the extensions, they are impossible to tell apart from your natural hair.

Isla™ hand-tied hair extensions are offered in THREE lengths, THREE textures, and 18 colors.

18″ in silky straight

22” in silky straight, beach wave, curly

24” in silky straight, beach wave, curly

Why we use ISLA™ Hand-tied Hair extensions

Quality like no other

The ISLA™ Hand-Tied Hair Extensions have quality like no other brand. They are the only brand that sells their products to exclusively NBR™ certified artists.

It is the most luxurious brand of hair extensions, and they never fail to produce a flawless look when applied using the NBR™ Method.