In today’s rapidly changing world, the sphere around me plays a vital role in fostering connections, providing support, and shaping the future. As a leader in the beauty industry, it is not only my responsibility to excel in my field but also to contribute positively to the vast neighborhood around me. While my expertise lies in offering luxury hand-tied hair extensions, my passion for people and the generations ahead has propelled me to go beyond the chair and make a difference. Here I will explore the significance of that neighborhood, the impact of leadership, and the connection between business and social responsibility.

Community serves as the foundation upon which individuals and businesses thrive. It creates a sense of belonging, encourages collaboration, and fosters a supportive environment. Through my salon, nestled in the heart of a vibrant, mid-size town, I understand the power of community because I believe it is the foundation for building a loyal clientele and successful business. In such a town, where everyone knows everyone, I don’t believe in just doing great hair, I believe in building a reputation that stems from personal experiences, serving clients with years of integrity and connections.

Planted in the heart of Clovis, California, annual events draw in people worldwide much like my salon draws in clients from all over, both old and new. This showcases the camaraderie, fellowship, and joy that come from shared experiences. By recognizing the importance of “neighborhood,” I have established a strong bond with each guest. My salon space is not just a place for hair transformations but also a hub for connection, life conversations, and celebration.

With the confidence I have in my faith and support system, I’m known to be a risk taker. But from my eyes, I see it as the next step to success and this initiates many other leaders in my industry to follow suit. I’ve utilized my community connections to make wise decisions to scale my business and change the status quo for the beauty industry as, “Just a hair stylist,” to create a movement rather than just a high-end trade. Offering a luxury service such as hand tied hair extensions has been challenging because Clovis is not LA or San Francisco, but the interesting thing is our salon draws in guests from these areas for just that reason. There is no denying women will travel from all over and invest in the high end service for the hair of their dreams; a feeling they can’t experience with a simple service.

Shifting my influence beyond the industry, I utilize my platform and faith to empower other women in business and encourage them to engage in important conversations–and actions that shape the world we live in. Offering women luxury hair extensions is known to build self-assurance and trust in themselves, boosting their self esteem and building the confidence for them to step into their power. As we say in our salon, “It is more than just hair, it is a feeling and an experience.” In this process we are a vessel, pouring neighborhood changers into our community and beyond with a positive and powerful mindset, creating doers, not just thinkers.

Our salon’s mission is to transform the self-doubt in women and ignite self-esteem with the broader goal of empowering them. By offering this luxury service, we provide a transformative experience that goes beyond physical appearance. The testimonials of clients who feel rejuvenated and confident after the process are a testament to the positive impact my business has on their lives. My contribution to this neighborhood through my salon is fostering powerful women, fearless of life’s obstacles and aggressively committed to work toward what they want with a more confident state of mind.

I recognize that businesses can be agents of change. My active engagement in politics reflects my desire to shape a better future for myself, my family, the generations to come, and the community at large. By using my platform to discuss and promote important political issues, I encourage others to be informed, engaged, and active participants in holding the line and protecting our freedom. My mission extends beyond the realm of hair extensions, inspiring others to rise up and use their voices and expertise to address the challenges that affect us all. I’m not only a thinker, but a doer, and by doing so I contribute to my industry and my community.

For instance, when the world shut down because of Covid, there was a lack of hope for our neighboring businesses’ survival. Our family took initiative and started a prayer walk in our downtown area. We cordially invited our city leaders to not only attend, but participate. It was an opportunity to show support and encourage faith, but most importantly take action and a stance against the bureaucratic beasts proclaiming us “nonessential.” We may be a small town, but even David was considered small in comparison to Goliath. We believed the issue at stake was not just comply or don’t comply, it was freedom to conduct business for our survival and our clients’ necessary and desired experience, or simply lose our livelihood and closure. Needless to say we are still standing and so are most of our neighboring businesses. Also, by taking such a stand our clients were elated. We did it as much for them as for us–and as the word spread our salon thrived.

We can see in this circumstance alone, hope countered the debilitating fear that business owners faced due to the state’s shutdown. Our movement through our city changed the story for many businesses creating unity, support, and growth. It wasn’t until somebody took the effort to lead, that there was a shift in mindset as a whole. Yes these months were difficult, but we can say that our city is stronger, thriving, and unified more than ever before.

Building a strong community requires dedicated leaders who understand the significance of social responsibility and the intersection between business and broader societal issues. My salon’s commitment to excellence, coupled with my faith, passion for politics, and children’s futures, exemplifies the true spirit of leadership. By creating a supportive environment, offering transformative experiences, and using my platform to advocate for positive change, I hope to inspire others to be active and start doing, not just complaining. And this impact extends far beyond the salon, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment, connection, and progress.

In an ever-evolving world, it is leaders who shape the communities we live in and pave the way for a brighter future. I am determined to lead and committed to my faith, principles, and morals and I take a stance to never waiver or surrender. I hope this encourages you to do the same.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.