I’m often asked, “Why do I do what I do and why do I choose NBR (Natural Beaded Rows Extension Method)?”

Passion is the driving force that fuels our purpose and propels us towards making a meaningful impact. For me, that passion lies in the world of hair, specifically the transformative power of NBR. Every day, I am fortunate to share my talent with women and witness the profound connection between their external beauty and inner confidence. It is through these experiences that I am reminded of why I am so passionate about sharing my expertise and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.Through my passion for hair, God has made very clear to me my life purpose- to love and encourage women through all circumstances of life and offer a confidence and empowerment that only altering their own perspective of themselves can do. My, “Why,” is the heart of my passion and how I am impacting women’s lives on a daily basis behind my chair and beyond the salon.

Experiencing excessive hormonal hair loss myself after three healthy pregnancies, I had a clear understanding of how a woman’s perception of herself could be compromised due to her physical appearance. Not only was my body adjusting and experiencing significant changes, my hair was also, making me feel unlike myself. It seemed as though after every pregnancy, I felt a loss of identity as my physical appearance had changed, and my emotional state did not help as my hormone levels balanced. Although this time was hard for me, I am thankful for the experience so that I can relate to my clients who have felt or feel the same way in their life. As I could so freely wear hair extensions before postpartum hair loss, at this time not only did I feel my appearance needed hair extensions but my heart did also.

For many new mothers, postpartum hair loss is a genuine concern that can have a significant impact on their self-esteem during a time of numerous life transitions, much like I experienced. While some may reminisce about their hair’s glory days during pregnancy, the reality is that our bodies and hair go through changes. At our salon, we believe in taking away the fear and concern surrounding hair loss, allowing women to embrace their best selves as they navigate the journey of motherhood. By providing the best luxury hair extensions, we not only help disguise the physical changes but also support the emotional well-being of these women. While we may not have a secret to accelerate hair regrowth, we want women to feel their best and focus on the joys of raising their children.

The reasons for hair loss vary from person to person, postpartum was my personal experience. The list of causes can seem endless. The most commonly known reasons are vitamin deficiencies, chemical imbalances, autoimmune disorders, excessive stress, anxiety, alopecia, and hormonal shifts. Medical conditions can also induce hair loss as a side effect from medications and procedures. We believe in boosting hair growth with the proper care and supplements, but it often takes years for someone to fully recover. While I may never win the fight against the natural cycle of hair loss, I can certainly elevate one’s look and restore their confidence through luxury hand-tied hair extensions. We offer the safest and best solution for women who struggle to face the mirror everyday. We can offer a sense of confidence as the hair restores and repairs during regrowth and I am lucky enough to witness these transformations every day.

A day that impacted my life and career in a way I can only inadequately describe was the day my client Alicia experienced NBR for the first time. After battling cancer and being in remission for nearly two years, she was at the point in her natural hair growth journey where she was at a length to finally get NBR. Anticipating this day for quite some time, my salon team and I had no idea just how this would impact our lives and hers. After our four-hour appointment, turning Alicia in the mirror, she was reunited with the woman she once knew. As she stood in disbelief her eyes filled with tears and she uttered the words: “For the first time in five years, I finally feel cancer free.” It’s moments like these that give me clarity that it is my calling to serve and empower women and as I do so, I am truly blessed.

Hair loss is a constant battle many individuals face, and in my salon, I strive to offer solutions that counter the conditions associated with it. As I complete transformations for our clients just like Alicia, I often hear statements like:

“Wow, I look 10 years younger!”
“I can’t believe this is my hair!”
“This is exactly what my heart needed!”

These reactions speak volumes about the impact I have on their lives, as I not only transform their physical appearance but also add joy and excitement to their hearts. Every woman deserves to feel her best, and it is immensely rewarding to witness the positive shift in their self-perception and self-worth through luxury hair extensions.

There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a woman rise in power and reclaim her confidence. Through our work, we contribute to the empowerment of women by providing them with the tools to enhance their natural beauty and boost their self-assurance. As we witness the transformative impact of our luxury hand-tied hair extension method, we celebrate the strength and resilience of every woman who sits in our chair. It is through these connections that we forge a sense of community and create an inviting refuge for women to express themselves fully.

Passion drives us to excel and make a difference in the lives of others. As a professional in the world of NBR and hair, I am deeply passionate about sharing my talent and witnessing the transformative power it has on women.

It’s often thought that NBR is just for someone who has experienced hair loss. The truth is many women are candidates for this luxury extension method. The purpose is to elevate style, bring you joy, and experience a confidence you may have never known. It’s not just hair to us, it is life changing, and I am determined to share it with the world. My heart is to pour into the lives I encounter behind my chair, and within my salon. The impact I can make not only as a stylist and listener but as a God-fearing woman is my drive and passion and watching lives transform right before my eyes is the greatest reward. If you’re looking for the best hair extensions in Fresno, we would love to have you as our guest.

There are three, “P’s,” in my equation to a well balanced life- passion, purpose, and profit. The three are equally important in the triangular equation which all feed each other. Understanding, appreciating and respecting them all can be hard and sometimes unclear but they all drive each one to the next level. I have to make a conscious effort to create space for them all. It is my belief that God has ordained us all with a calling. To live as a Christ follower I must serve in all areas of my life and I am blessed in all areas of my life. And this is not because of luck but because of obedience and confidence in my faith. God has always fulfilled his promises… The sooner I realized this in life, the more God has given.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
Luke 6:38

I only hope this post leaves you inspired and helps you connect to the importance and clarity in knowing your passion and your purpose. We will discuss, “Profit,” in the future, but for now this leads me to, “THE GOD DREAM.” It is a crucial topic that will become a reality in the future, but that is for another post another day!

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.